David Tipene-Leach


  • I have been our representative on He Toa Takitini for 7 years

  • I have been the Chair of He Toa Takitini for 4 years where the main roles: were to keep the Board stable and support the work of our Lead Negotiator

  • E noho nei au i te pae korero

  • Running the MACA claim with Erin


I have a heap of other experience with Governance.  In the 1990s I was the Foundation Chair of Te Ora/Māori Medical Practitioners Assn:

  • National health advisory positions: Shaken Baby Prevention Advisory Group

  • Hawke’s Bay DHB Clinical Council

  • Hawke’s Bay Transitional PHO Board.

  • Health Hawke’s Bay PHO Priority Population Committee

  • Maori Smoking Advisory Group at the Ministry of Health

  • National Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee

  • Alcohol Advisory Council

  • Advisory Committee on Primary Health Care


Over the years in the above positions I learned how to sit with other people, how to listen to debate, how to sum up the conversation and, as Chair, how to take the hard decisions when needed. I also know what I don’t know – that is, I have no financial experience. With regard to overall Governance skills I have supported the development of Governance skills training programme from the EIT for all marae in the EIT area of Hawke’s Bay and the East Coast.

VISION - The Heretaunga Tamatea Trust needs to develop:

  • A funds investment policy

  • A sensible and manageable Board structure

  • An independent pathway for Tamatea to develop its own identity


Its not time yet for a change. There is an institutional memory of He Toa Takitini that we cannot lose at this time. I have put my last 7 years up for the Heretaunga Tamatea Settlement. The next 3 years is the establishment of a great Board with opportunity for both halves of Heretaunga Tamatea to develop their own processes and pathways to develop a regional future.



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