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To be eligible to be registered as a beneficiary of the Heretaunga Tamatea Settlement Trust you must be able to affiliate to one of the 43 Hapū and one of the 23 Marae through whakapapa, whāngai or legal adoption.

You must complete all sections of the application.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted!

As a registered member of the Heretaunga Tamatea Settlement Trust you will be kept informed with publications, newsletters and upcoming hui and events.

Bu submitting your Registration, you will be sent information both by post and electronically.  In order to make sure you are kept informed please let us know if your details have changed.  All areas of the form marked with an * are mandatory to be completed.

If you have any queries regarding registering as a beneficiary of the Heretaunga Tamatea Settlement Trust please phone 0800 TAKITINI (825 484) MONDAY TO FRIDAY 8:30AM TO 5:00PM


Ngā Hapū o Heretaunga Tamatea

  • Ngāi Tahu ki Takapau

  • Ngāi Tamaterā

  • Ngāi Te Ao

  • Ngāi Te Hauapu

  • Ngāi Te Hurihanga-i-te-rangi

  • Ngāi Te Kīkiri o te Rangi

  • Ngāi Te Oatua

  • Ngāi Te Rangikoianake I

  • Ngāi Te Rangikoianake II

  • Ngāi Te Rangitekahutia

  • Ngāi Te Rangitotohu (Rangitotohu)

  • Ngāi Te Ūpokoiri

  • Ngāi Te Whatuiāpiti

  • Ngāi Toroiwaho

  • Ngāti Hāwea

  • Ngāti Hikatoa

  • Ngāti Hinemanu

  • Ngāti Hinemoa

  • Ngāti Hinetewai

  • Ngāti Hoata

  • Ngati Honomōkai

  • Ngāti Hōri

  • Ngāti Kautere

  • Ngāti Kere

  • Ngāti Kotahi

  • Ngāti Kurukuru

  • Ngāti Mahuika

  • Ngāti Manuhiri

  • Ngāti Mārau o Kahungunu (Ngāti

  • Ngāti Mihiroa

  • Ngāti Ngarengare

  • Ngāti Papatuamāro

  • Ngāti Pīhere

  • Ngāti Pōporo

  • Ngāti Pukututu

  • Ngāti Rahunga

  • Ngāti Takaora (Ngāti Tākaro)

  • Ngāti Tamatea

  • Ngāti Te Rehunga

  • Ngāti Toaharapaki

  • Ngāti Tukuaterangi (Ngāti Tukua i
    te Rangi, Ngāti Tukuoterangi, Ngāti Tuku(a)oterangi)

  • Ngāti Ura ki te Rangi (Ngāti

  • Ngāti Whakaiti

Ngā Marae o Heretaunga Tamatea

  • Houngarea Marae

  • Kahurānaki Marae

  • Kairākau Marae

  • Kohupātiki Marae

  • Korongatā Marae

  • Mangaroa Marae

  • Matahiwi Marae

  • Mataweka Marae

  • Mihiroa Marae

  • Omahu Marae

  • Pourerere Marae

  • Pukehou Marae

  • Rākautātahi Marae

  • Rongomaraeroa Marae

  • Ruahāpia Marae

  • Rūnanga Marae

  • Tapairu Marae

  • Taraia Marae

  • Te Awhina Marae

  • Te Rongo a Tahu Marae

  • Te Whatuiāpiti Marae

  • Waimārama Marae

  • Waipatu Marae